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RapidRedact Features

Here are just a handful of the features available in RapidRedact, making the redaction of documents fast, secure and easy.

Automatic Redaction of Information
Removes all hidden information
Batch Redaction
Send documents to RapidRedact from almost any application
Working Copy
Manual Redaction Tools
Exemption Codes (reasons for redaction)
Producing Redacted Documents
Redaction Templates
RapidRedact can find and automatically redact virtually any type of information including Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, names, email addresses and anything else you need to remove. RapidRedact’s powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine is built for speed and accuracy, enter your search terms and let RapidRedact do the rest.
RapidRedact not only permanently removes all text and image content marked for redaction, it also removes all hidden information such as authors, creation dates and other attributes that can be stored within documents.
Do you have large numbers of documents requiring redaction? RapidRedact includes the ability to batch redact documents quickly and easily. By specifying an input folder and pre-configuring locations for your redacted documents, you are able to streamline the process of redacting many documents at once.
Documents can be sent to RapidRedact from almost any application you work in by printing to the RapidRedact printer. Working on a document in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or reading an email in Outlook and want to redact information? Easy, simply choose RapidRedact from your printer list and begin redacting.
Everytime you select a file for redaction, RapidRedact creates a secure 'Working Copy' using our proprietary RXF file format. The working copy is used for reviewing redacted content before producing the finalized redacted document. Working files can be shared within your organization for collaborative reviewing purposes. RapidRedact never modifies the original document, only the working copy (copy of original document).
RapidRedact includes a range of manual redaction tools allowing you to manually redact information. Included is the 'Rectangle' redaction tool allowing rectangle redactions of any size, the 'Scribble' redaction tool for placing freehand redactions, and the 'Stamp' redaction tool for added customized stamps to your redacted documents.
Exemption codes are reasons for why information has been redacted. The codes normally reference statutory requirements, such as Freedom of Information Act clauses, or business policy.

RapidRedact Desktop includes a predefined exemption codes including relevant clauses from the Freedom of Information Act (50 U.S.C. 552), Privacy Act, Washington State codes, UK Freedom of Information Act 2000 and many more. You can also define your own custom exemption codes.
RapidRedact enables you to produce your finalized redacted documents using a range of options, including:

  • Save redacted documents as a PDF, TIFF or secure Working File (RXF)
  • E-mail the redacted document
  • Print the redacted document
  • Combinations of the above (Advanced)

Options can be set by default and hidden from view to further streamline the redaction process.
Redaction Templates are used for automatically redacting pre-defined areas in documents. A perfect solution for redacting structured forms or any document where the information is in the same place.

Most forms contain re-occurring information at fixed locations, including information such as order numbers, names, addresses, etc. This information can easily be redacted every time RapidRedact processes a form simply by choosing the relevant redaction template.

Redaction templates are easy to create and are stored for future use.
Once a document has been redacted, how does an organization review what was redacted? The RapidRedact Reporting feature enables reports to be generated detailing what information has been redacted, including the type of information, how many instances of each target was found, what exemption codes were used, and on what pages the redactions occurred. Perfect for internal record keeping.

Find out for yourself just how easy redaction is with RapidRedact, download your free 30-day trial today

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