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Why Redaction is important

The ability to permanenty remove private and sensitive information has become a major issue with the ubiquitous use of digital information and the legal and moral obligations relating to data held by organizations.


Most countries have leglislation relating to storage, handling and disclosure of electronic data. Disclosure legislation generally requires certain types of information to be publicly available, but privacy leglislation requires organizations to have adequate systems to protect private and sensitive information. RapidRedact helps you comply with privacy requirements by ensuring private and sensitive information is not inadvertently released.


Documents shared electronically often contain data that you may not be aware of, especially when available in the public domain. Every document you open or send using email can contain information that's not always visible, but is retrievable. Using RapidRedact to remove sensitive information before sharing documents publicly, reduces your security risk by ensuring all hidden information is gone.

Financial Accountability

In many countries there are legal requirements regarding disclosure of financial information. RapidRedact helps to ensure commercially sensitive information is not inadvertently released.

Some organisations believe that simply placing objects over information using standard software is adequate because they can no longer see the information. However any text hidden with this approach often remains in the file even though it isn't visible. There have been a number of high profile instances where information that was "hidden" in documents became public resulting in embarrassing media attention, and in some cases lawsuits amounting to millions of dollars.

Cases such as British Intelligence on Iraq and the SCO lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler are becoming more frequent, and are highlighting the damage that can be caused by not adequately protecting sensitive information.

RapidRedact is unique in its ability to remove all hidden data and text permanently from all supported document types, including office documents, emails and PDF files. RapidRedact guarantees your sensitive information remains exactly how you need it, private, confidential and irretrievable by anyone but yourself. The software is fast, easy to use and proven effective by the many organizations worldwide that rely on RapidRedact to ensure their information is protected.

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