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Main Business Benefits


RapidRedact ensures all information marked for redaction is permanently removed. Organizations can rest assured that all sensitive information is gone from their redacted documents and that there is no way for the redactions to be undone regardless of the retrieval methods used.

Legislation Compliance

In today's information sharing world an ever-growing number of regulations are being enacted that deal with how organizations release information and governs how information should be protected. Legislation such as the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts have made it imperative that organizations take the necessary steps to comply with these laws. RapidRedact assists organizations with their compliance obligations.

Paper use reduction

Gone are the days of printing out hundreds of documents to be marked with a marker pen and then rescanned. RapidRedact is a completely electronic solution capable of opening almost any document type and outputting them in familiar PDF and TIFF formats meaning that there is no more wasted paper.


RapidRedact significantly reduces the amount of time users take to redact documents, allowing organizations to meet project deadlines much faster. RapidRedact's effectiveness empowers organizations to meet their FOI and compliance obligations using only a fraction of their current allocated resources which allows staff to be allocated to other tasks.

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