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Whilst Privacy Act legislation including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, the Electronic Freedom of Information Act 1996, and public records requests make effective redaction capability important for business, there are some industries in particular where RapidRedact redaction software is almost essential.

    • Government Bodies
      Information requests made of government agencies cover a wide range of topics and whilst compliance is a priority, not all information is suitable for public release. RapidRedact can work across government agencies, empowering staff to protect sensitive information from going public.
    • Technology Development Businesses
      Technology is moving at such a pace that businesses must guard ideas and developments from potential competitors with a vengeance. When filing for patents or briefing experts under confidentiality, RapidRedact will make sure competitive information is held in the strictest of confidence.
    • Human Resource Managers
      Imagine sending a prospective employee or contractor an employment contract where previous candidate details are easily read. Template documents carry with them potentially thousands of alterations that can lead to privileged information being divulged unintentionally. RapidRedact will secure all document changes so the recipient will only be privy to the information they were intended to read.
    • Legal Firms
      Courts are now encouraging electronic filing of briefs and submissions. In some cases 24 hour filing has been initiated which is streamlining processes and making the system work more efficiently for all. Taking advantage of electronic filing is a positive step forward and using RapidRedact will ensure that private information is not released into the public arena.
    • Medical Companies
      Applications for Preliminary or Investigational New Drugs often contain information at a company level that, if prematurely released, could lead to competitor action and spur public debate. The impact of information leaks can significantly hinder future market release opportunities. RapidRedact will minimize the risk of such damaging leaks.
  • Manufacturers
    At the heart of a manufacturer’s business are the processes and costs, knowledge of which must be protected from both rival companies and customers. RapidRedact will ensure confidentiality.
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