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Redaction software for all redaction requirements

RapidRedact provides fast, accurate and easy to use redaction tools for irreversibly blanking out (redacting) selected information, author's changes and hidden data from most electronic document types.

Most organizations understand that private and sensitive information must be protected, and in most countries there are laws concerning access to public information and protection of private and sensitive information. Organizations therefore need to have good systems and processes in place. RapidRedact has been designed to help meet these needs and ensures that redacted information is gone forever.

RapidRedact Key Features

  • Supports all document and image types, scanned or digital, including PDFs, Office documents (Word, Excel, Outlook) and many more.
  • Documents can be sent directly to RapidRedact from almost any application.
  • Accurate OCR engine finds and redacts information automatically.
  • Powerful reviewing capabilities provide complete control over the redaction process.
  • Integrates with most compliant document management systems.

RapidRedact and the Benefits for your Business

  • 100% confidence that all sensitive information & metadata is irreversibly removed from redacted documents.
  • Streamlines the redaction process resulting in greater efficiency, increased workflow and reduced human errors.
  • Extremely cost effective.
  • Developed and supported by Onstream Systems, a leader in image viewing and redaction technology for over 20 years.

Searching for a redaction tool that will make redacting documents as easy as possible with as little change to your existing process as possible? look no further.

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